Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wallet overboard!

Last fall I made a pledge to not use my credit cards to pay for any Christmas items this year. It worked out really well, and I actually went two whole months without charging anything. Unfortunately, all my good went out the window in January. I started buying spinning supplies and quickly racked up a huge tab. Granted, much of that came from my birthday money, but looking back I can hardly believe how much I spent. So now I have to make up for my spending binge by saving more in the coming months.
I have a plan, and it goes like this:
- No unnecessary spending for 6 days, followed by a $20 personal shopping day.
- Repeat until cc's are paid off.
- Watch the grocery budget and determine if costs can or need to be cut.
- Finish up the miriad knitting projects that I currently have and "shop the stash" for new projects.
- I also have fiber to spin that I can designate for any exciting new projects.
- The next big knitting project will first be a spinning project: I want to spin enough yarn to knit a sweater next winter.
- No more toys for the boys.

We have lots of trips to take this spring, and I need to save for those, too. Wish me luck!

Andrea Toman

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